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Here's what you can do with RealProspect™...

Systemize your marketing by automatically scheduling and managing your direct mail marketing, efax or email campaigns!

Create pre-defined letter, postcard, efax, or email campaign actions by indicating the number of days between each mailing that automatically track prospects, buyers and general contacts, and notify you when mailings need to be finished. 

real estate investor software screenshot 1

Dramatically increase your mailing response rates by up to 145% by easily merging prospect, buyer or general contact info into your letters, postcards, efax or emails!

For example automatically merge the prospects first name into the greeting, or the property address in the body of the letter, postcard efax or email somewhere. Just setup your templates once, and then crank out your mailings with just a few clicks.

real estate investor software screenshot 2

Avoid wasting valuable time looking for information by keeping your prospects, buyers and contacts organized in specific categories!

You can separate your database into categories to organize your records, then easily send a mailing (letters, postcards, efax or email) to an entire category, or create a multi-step mailing campaign to process mailings automatically for all the prospects in any specific category.

real estate investor software screenshot 3
Be prepared when sellers call with detailed, deal making information at your finger tips!

Store property information, contact information, financial information (mortgage balances, etc.), comparables, offers submitted, contact next actions and history, notes, link documents (pdf, Word, Excel, etc.), and property pictures.

real estate investor software screenshot 4

Put deals together and profit quickly by keeping a detailed list of buyers just waiting to give you their money!

Store a list of buyers and information about the type of houses they are looking for. Then when you find a property that meets their criteria you can quickly find them in the buyers list and put the deal together, or simply send an efax or email blast out to selected buyers to let them know you have a property available for them

real estate investor software screenshot 5

Sell properties faster by efax or email blasting out property details to your buyers list!

When you get a property under contract, now you can notify your buyers on your buyers list by both efax, or email to let them know you have a property for sale. 

real estate investor software screenshot 6

Save hours of time, and get offers out the door faster by setting up all your document templates to quickly merge and print!

Setup your purchase and sale agreements, offer packages, and other paperwork you need to have completed as document templates and quickly merge and print so you can save time and get more deals closed.

real estate investor software screenshot 7

Quickly create mailing, or document templates from Microsoft Word formatted documents!

If you already have letter, or document templates in Microsoft Word format, you can quickly create your templates by just dragging and dropping them onto the RealProspect template editor.

real estate investor software screenshot 8

Customize the prospect, buyer and contact detail screen to meet YOUR unique business needs by creating up to 50 custom user defined fields!

You can create up to 50 custom fields to hold prospect, buyer and contact detail information specific to your individual investing business needs that we have not already provided for you.

real estate investor software screenshot 9

Find your deal making prospect and buyer information quickly using the quick search feature!

You can quickly find prospect, buyer and contact records in your database by using the quick search feature.  With this tool you only have to know a small part of the record information to find all records with matching criteria. 

real estate investor software screenshot 10

Filter your prospects, buyers and contacts lists using advanced dynamic search criteria!

Using the advanced list filtering feature you can drill down on your prospects, buyers and contacts lists to show only records that meet your selected criteria.

real estate investor software screenshot 11

Customize the layout of your prospects, buyers and contacts lists to display the fields that are most important to you!

You can change the columns that are listed in the prospects, buyers, and contact lists so that they show the data that is most important to you when you are quickly looking at the records in the list.  This includes any custom fields you have created in any of the record details screens.

real estate investor software screenshot 12
Never miss a potential deal by staying on track with your prospect follow-ups from ONE easy to use activity calendar!

The activities calendar will allow you to get a quick view of any activities that you have scheduled by day, week, month or even a timeline view.  You can easily reschedule activities from here by just dragging and dropping activities to another date, as well as manage your mailing campaign activities all from one easy to navigate screen.

real estate investor software screenshot 13
Quickly import prospect, buyer and general contact records from ANY mailing list provider!

Simply import a list of records from a list provider, then add them to a category and they will be scheduled for the first campaign mailing, and then tracked and scheduled for each mailing through the entire process automatically! 

real estate investor software screenshot 14
Import form submissions directly from RealWebsite!

If you are using RealWebsite™ for your website hosting, you can easily download new form submission leads right from your website into RealProsepct™.

real estate investor software screenshot 15
Create multiple user accounts so you can have personal and privately scheduled activities!

Create separate users for you and your partners or assistants and schedule activities for each other and have your activities screen show the activities that are important for you to pay attention to.
Take your prospect information with you on the road wherever you go! 

You can print prospect summary and detail reports in a portable format, or load the software on a laptop to take your entire database on the road with you... no internet connection needed.
Share your RealProspect™ database with other networked computers, or virtual partners and assistants! 

If you have an office or home network, you can setup RealProspect™ to let all of your networked computers share the same database. And if you want to setup the database using our remote database hosting service you can share and access your data from multiple computers from anywhere in the world.
Backup your database to a CD, DVD or USB drive for save keeping, and easily restore if you have a problem!

With the built in backup and restore feature you can make frequent backups of your data and store it on a CD, DVD or a USB drive for safe keeping.  If you ever have a problem with your computer, or need to move your database to another computer, just use the restore feature to restore your data and your back up and running.
And easily use the software WITHOUT an expensive learning curve!

Imagine this scenario...

You sit down at your desk and pull up RealProspect™ on your computer. There on the activities screen you see that you have a mailing campaign that needs to be printed, and two sellers to follow-up with by giving them a phone call.

So, you load the printer with paper and print your mailing. You then click over to the activities screen and pull up the contact information for the two sellers and quickly give them a call.

You ask the two sellers if they are still interested in selling. One of them is... so you schedule an appointment to go out and meet with them. The other is not... so you schedule another follow-up action in your database to give them a call in another month.

By now your letters are printed and you toss them in envelopes, throw some stamps on them, and your done with your prospecting activities.

But, you also got a signed contract in the mail or fax... so you quickly create a fax and/or email template outlining the details for that property and blast out a fax and/or email to your buyers list letting them know its available.

You have just completed all your tasks for the day, and RealProspect™ has done its job in 20 minutes flat.

Now you’re free to work on any other area of your business that needs attention... or go read a book, watch TV, play with your kids... or whatever you do with your free time.

But can it really be this simple?

Absolutely! Using RealProspect™ can help you gain control of your time and build momentum right now. There's no learning curve involved because the software program is intuitive -- it's just so easy to use.

If you can type on a computer, I guarantee that you can make RealProspect™ work for you!

How much is a system that can automate your real estate investing success worth to you?

What is the value of getting your hands on this state-of-the-art Real Estate Investor Software program that's not available anywhere else?

What is it worth to have the best possible tool to end the chaos of keeping folders organized, and sticky notes stuck to everything in your reach? And allow you to collaborate with virtual partners and assistants to compound your momentum and rate of success?

How much are you willing to invest on a tool that can help you get systemized and automate your real estate investing success? $10,000? $5,000? How about $1,000?

I've been told by other investors that I should sell RealProspect™ for as much as $1,997 or more! I bet you have paid more than double that for a investing guru course that doesn't even come close to the value that I have jammed into my software.

Well, the good news is that you'll get RealProspect™ 2009 for a low, one time investment of just $347 (or 3 payments of $127), but only if you decide to keep using the software after your 30 day trial.

Some will argue that this price is too much, and others will argue that it's too cheap. And to be completely honest, I don't care if I'm losing money.

I've just set the price at a point that makes it affordable to every investor at any level of the game (from newbies to guru's)... and still worth my time to personally provide YOU with unbelievably GREAT support!

And if you really think that price is too much for all the time you will be saving, and profits you will be creating by using RealProspect™... then you can't possibly be too serious about your real estate investing business.

Here's exactly what you'll be getting today...

You'll get a fully functional copy of RealProspect™ 2009 along with an activation key that will allow you to install and activate your software on 2 computers.

If you would like to install on more than two computers, then after you order your copy of RealProspect you can login to your customer account on this website and order additional activation keys for only $97 each.

There are NO setup costs, NO customization costs, and NO support contracts...

You'll own the software and benefit from all my hard work with no additional hidden costs, and no strings attached!

But, I would also like to GIVE YOU...

FIVE Special Bonus Gifts!
Special Bonus Gift #1: ($47 Value - FREE!)
John Schroeder - Marketing Strategies for Creative Real Estate Investors

real estate software bonus 1Marketing to drive new fresh leads day-after-day is the key to building momentum and achieving success as a real estate investor.

Defining the best marketing strategy for your investment goals is the first step, and the second step is implementing and testing to improve your results... and ultimately increase your profitability.

In this FREE ebook I'll cover the top 10 direct marketing strategies that successful real estate investors use, and 90% of your competition doesn't have a clue about!

Special Bonus Gift #2
: ($47 Value - FREE!)
Kathy Kennebrook - Finding Motivated Sellers

real estate software bonus 2Kathy Kennebrook® is the ultimate success story. After attending some real estate seminars and club meetings, this 4’11” mother of two got really excited...

And before you know it, she had bought and sold over 200 hundred single family houses using none of her own money or credit.

Along the way, she discovered a direct mail system that drives in motivated sellers by the herds, begging her to buy their property.

She’s become an expert at finding motivated sellers using many types of direct mail marketing.

In this FREE ebook Kathy goes into several of her strategies and explains how she uses her direct mail campaigns to product big paychecks.

Special Bonus Gift #3: ($47 Value - FREE!)
Ron LeGrand - Answers 21 Questions on Private Lending

real estate software bonus 3Ron LeGrand borrowed money 20 years ago to attend his first real estate seminar.

Today, he is affectionately known as “The Guru” and is recognized as the nation’s leading authority on buying and selling single-family homes for fast cash and with no credit, and incurring little or no personal investment or risk.

His unique approach has made him an entrepreneur extraordinaire who is in demand as an author, trainer, lecturer, and consultant.

Since 1991, over 250,000 people have attended one of Ron’s seminars and workshops. He is a principal contributor to a nationally distributed newsletter for real estate entrepreneurs.

In this FREE ebook Ron answers 21 questions in an interview format related to finding and using private money to buy and finance real estate deals.

Special Bonus Gift #4: ($47 Value - FREE!)
Bill Bronchick - Owner Financing 101

real estate software bonus 4Best-Selling Author and Attorney William Bronchick is not your typical real estate "guru", he's the expert's expert.

A trusted real estate advisor to successful multi-millionaires, William Bronchick is different than most attorneys who are deal-killers and dream-wreckers.

In this FREE ebook Bill will break down and explain all the ways you can acquire properties using creative seller financing strategies the right way, and the legally safe way to build your massive real estate empire.

Special Bonus Gift #5
: ($497 Value - FREE!)
Video Training Library & Unlimited Email Support 

I will include a comprehensive video training library that will explain, step-by-step, how to use every feature in the system. You will be able to view video tutorials of me showing you, and talking you through each of the screens, and all of the features so you can hit the ground running. (This took me about 80+ hours to personally record and develop)

Also... Included with your copy of RealProspect™, you will get unlimited email support absolutely FREE . You just contact us with your question, and we will respond to you within 24 hrs (usually the same business day). No support contracts required!

real estate software bonus 5

That's FIVE Bonus Gifts ($685 value) I'm
going to give you... Absolutely FREE!


Get Instant Access To Your Fully Functional 30 Day
RealProspect™ Trial for Just $1 Today...

I believe so strongly that you'll be extremely satisfied with RealProspect™ as the real estate investor software system for your business, that I would like to offer you the opportunity to try it out for a full 30 days for only $1!

If you are not completely satisfied with this software, simply let us know within the 30-day trial period and we'll cancel the order on the spot. NO questions asked, and NO further obligations or commitments on your part!

Simply setup your customer account and billing information to start your 30 day trial of RealProspect™. (You will only be charged $1 today!)

After the 30 day trial period ends you'll be billed for a single payment of just $347 (or 3 payments of $127).

Setting up RealProspect™ is a SNAP!

Installing RealProspect™ takes just a few minutes, and requires no technical computer skills at all! Our installer is easy to use, and we have detailed videos to show you how to do any type of installation you need whether its just one computer, or multiple computers. PLUS, we're here to help every step of the way if you run into ANY problems at all.

NOTE: Works with basically ANY computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later, including XP, Vista and Windows 7. Sorry... No MAC unless you're running Parallels, or Virtual PC

Get instant access to download your copy of RealProspect™ and claim all your bonuses in the next few minutes...

And you'll get - your copy of RealProspect™, and get all Five Gifts valued at over $760 dollars absolutely FREE...

So don't wait! Say yes to this incredible offer and claim your copy of RealProspect™ 2009 with bonuses included - right now for just $1 today...


    real estate investor software product image   

Choose Payment Option:

$1 today to start the 30 day trial, then 1 payment of just $347 after the trial period ends.

$1 today to start the 30 day trial, then 3 payments of just $127 after the trial period ends.

Add Database Hosting:
(click here for more info)

Do you want to have the ability to share your database with virtual partners or assistants over the internet? 

Try our remote database hosting service and you can store your data on our secure webserver that is backed up daily, and provides remote access and data sharing from any location at anytime.

Add a 30 day trial of our remote database hosting service, then $27 per month after the trial period ends.



I wish you all the greatest success in your real estate investing!

John Schroeder - President
Developer of RealProspect™ -
Real Estate Investor Software

RealInvestor Software, LLC
5379 Ocean Blvd
Sarasota, FL 34242

Remember: There is literally NO risk here. Start your 30 day trial by creating your customer account and get instant access to download RealProspect™ system and have your new real estate investor software up in the next 5 minutes!

And if you are not 100% convinced that there is no better prospecting and business systemization solution for your business, then contact us within the 30 day trial period and we will cancel your order. Response times are within 24 hours and cancellations are immediate with NO questions asked.

If you have any questions, take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us here.

RealProspect™ minimum computer system requirements: (Works with basically ANY computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later, including XP and Microsoft Vista)

Attention MAC users: RealProspect™ requires a PC Emulator (Microsoft Virtual PC, or Parallels) to run on a MAC

"Your program is awesome – have looked at/used several others, including some of the larger database management programs and nothing compares to RealProspect.

The ease of use, functionality, and real estate specific features make it the best software available!"

Nick Evans
Milwaukee, WI
“I recently switched my direct mail marketing software to RealProspect. The system is easier to use, has a much better user interface and allows me to record much more info on each lead as I work them through a deal. A winner!!!”

Greg Lynott
Westminster , CO
"Tracking, measurement and having consistent marketing are crucial in order to achieve great results. This software helps even the most novice of investors do just that!"

Nicolas Ortner
Bethel, CT
"I love the software. It has helped me tremendously in organizing all of the data surrounding my deals."

Benita Hampton
Bolingbrook, Illinois
"Thank you for your support it makes it a pleasure do to business with people like you thanks again for your help."

John Yancey
Arlington, Texas

"I've been using this for about three years now and I absolutely love it!

It is absolutely the best tool out there, not only to track and manage your marketing and your direct mail campaigns, but also for tracking your buyers, sellers, deals and follow-ups.
I've been getting soo much positive feedback from my students all over the country who have implemented the RealProspect software system in their business!

It eliminates all that paperwork you have piled up everywhere, so you don't lose anything, and you've got everything you need right at your fingertips.  

Thanks from me and my students all over the country!"

Kathy Kennebrook
Bradenton, FL
"Thanks for your help. It looks like it is going to be a God send for me. Thanks again for all you hard work in developing it! "

Miguel Morales
Tampa, Fl
"Thanks again for all of your assistance. Your support, patience and help are much appreciated and you have designed a great program. I hope I'm up to the task of learning all that it will do and with your support, that should not be a problem."

Stan Stanton
Gardner, Kansas
"I have been using it religiously for automating my direct mail. It has made the process seem so much less overwhelming. This is defiantly what has made the difference in my going full time within the next three months.

Awesome application!"

Robert Grooms
Huntersville, NC
"Being new to real estate investing I was looking for a tool that would keep my prospects and mailing campaigns organized, and to let me focus on other aspects of my operation.

RealProspect is the Real Deal. If you agree that time is money, this program will pay for itself the very first week you have it.

John has been outstanding with customer service and support and he overdelivers every time."

Bob Malecki
Kingston, WA

"John at has created a super easy to use software program to manage my mailing lists, leads, and short sales.

I’m not a computer guy nor do I have the time to sit down and read a manual so I loved the video tutorials…and I need software that is easy to use… and this is it!

My virtual assistants are now able to update my short sale files remotely and I can log in to see status updates and changes to the files – this has been a huge help in increasing my productivity.

I can’t say enough good things about this software and I’m pretty sure you can’t beat the price!!

Thanks John!"

Brian Meidam

"I wanted to say that the Real Prospect Program is an excellant organizational tool to my realestate business. I no longer have to worry about what, when, and who to followup on.

I have not used the program to its fullest but all of the options that the program contains is wonderful. My investment for this program we pennies considering how it has organized my business. Thanks alot!"

Steve Green
Suffolk, VA
"I had become a full time clerk shuffling paper, I knew I was going to lose control the minute I was going to mail to a prospect more than once!

I knew full well how many hours I can save with the right system after I had a taste of trying to do it manually. I didn't have time for it, I had to get back to finding properties.

I discovered RealProspect, as well as many others, and after a features and functions software study... I could see that RealProspect was a good fit for my budget and needs.

Its user friendly, and I like the ability to customize it by adding my own fields and data. And I think its best feature is the ability to tell me when to do a mailing,  who to mail to, and what letters to send... this system is very well designed."

Allen Bennett
Neshkoro, WI
"I would like to thank you not only for a great product, but for the wonderful customer service you provide. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who would be in need of a great contact manager."

Greg Tufts
Evergreen, CO
"Thank you so much for your personal follow up. I have not even began to USE the program yet, but I want to thatnk your for developing such a wonderfilly designed & apparently user friendly program.

I am also very impressed with your tutorials - nicely done. I am counting on this to be the back bone of my real estate investment opportunity."

Tom Ridley
Brandon, FL
"I have been using RealProspect for about 3 months. As a new investor, this software is now essential in the organization of my business. It would be impossible to manage mailing lists and marketing campaigns without it.

I use the letter editor and print letter functions to produce my mailing packages. The ability to schedule activities and record notes and history along with the property information makes it easy to follow up on each lead in a professional manner.

Also, and most importantly, when you can't figure out how to make the system do what you need, John is always available with a solution."

David K. Scheuring
Pembroke, PA
"You're the man! And your software's incredible. It's really worked wonders for my business already.

Thanks a ton!"

Koby Luedtke
"I purchased my 1st home using your software! It came from my Out of State Owners mailing list. It only took 2 mailing to the same 150 person list.

It was a recent retiree who moved to Hawaii and owned a couple of town homes free and clear. The one he wanted to sell had a tenant in the property with a few months left on the lease.

So I guess your software has paid for itself, ha ha. Just wanted to give you the update. Happy investing."

Shaun Greer
Boise, ID
"You've outdone yourself again with this new RealProspect 2009!

I already appreciated the features of RealProspect, but the new version is like going from a Boeing 727 to the Starship Enterprise!

The look, the feel... Spacewharp buddy! It's GREAT!"

Steve Berchtold

Cape Coral, FL

I have really enjoyed using RealProspect. The program is super easy to use and very powerful. It amazes me that you have thought of everything when you designed this software.

I am amazed that you sell the software so cheap. I feel like I got more than a bargain when I purchased RP. The other thing that is probably more impressive than the cost is the fact that your customer service and support of the software is OUTSTANDING! It is rare these days that a person gets good service when making a consumer purchase. I tried a competing program before purchasing RP and it does not come even close to comparing to the power of RP. I wish I had known about your software before I made the other purchase because that is money I could have saved.

Thanks for making direct mail campaigns so easy to manage! I can't imagine living without RP. I almost hate for my competition to find out about my secret weapon. RP is my weapon of choice when it comes to managing my direct mail.


Artiquawa Warren
Bellaire, TX

I've used RealProspect for about three months now, and I have to say that it has removed a lot of the stress of doing direct mail and following up on leads.

I used to go nuts trying to develop complicated procedures that involved naming my spreadsheets of leads a certain way and using tools such as Microsoft Outlook to schedule mailings. I was surprised and amazed when I created my first mailing campaign using RealProspect, and a reminder popped up on my screen alerting me that a scheduled campaign mailing was due.

With a few clicks of the mouse, I printed customized campaign letters and had them in the mail quickly. With software development as my full-time profession (for now), I am impressed with RealProspect's consistency and availability. It has not crashed on me once, and I have not lost any data. Also, the database backup feature gives me confidence that my data is safe.

Also, I use it to store files, such as pictures of junker properties or various other document types so I have it all in one place and don't have to go searching through a maze of PC folders to find what I need.

These kinds of features let me know that RealProspect is the real deal and will not be left behind as my business grows.

Overall, I think RealProspect is a tremendous value for the money. This software could easily sell for much more, but I am thankful that you have offered it at such an outstanding price. Keep up the good work"

Benja Atkins
Federal Way, WA

"As the owner of i've reviewed so many software programs that promise solutions for day-to-day issues in a typical investing business.

Having operated 11 real estate investing franchises I spent a year developing software that only did a fraction of what RealProspect does.

My suggestion is this... take the trial! See if it fits your business. You have my personal guarantee that it wont be a waste of your time!"

Matt Gerchow
Miami, FL / Seattle, WA / Bogota, Colombia