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Frequently Asked Questions: 
Take a look below to find out answers to common questions that may help you decide if RealProspect is the real estate investing software system for you.

What is RealProspect?

RealProspect is a software program designed to handle the prospecting activities for the Real Estate Investing business. Managing and following-up with semi-motivated and motivates sellers is the key to success as a Real Estate Investor.

RealProspect provides a scalable system to handle thousands, or even tens of thousands of prospects, allowing you to efficiently manage and follow-up with them which ultimately leads to more deals.

The program is designed with all the tools and features that you would need to successfully setup a powerful prospecting solution to automate that entire aspect of your business.

How long does it take to install RealProspect?

Just a few minutes! Immediately after you order you will be able to login and download the software installation file. The installation wizard will ask you a couple of simple questions (but you can just accept the default settings), then the installation will setup the program for you.

Once you have the software installed, and you are sure that you want to continue to use the software you simply activate it and you are set to go.  There are video instructions that explain every step of this process.
If I am already using a previous version of RealProspect, will my data be upgraded?

Yes. There is a database upgrade utility built into the new version of RealProspect 2009 that will import and upgrade your existing data from any previous versions of RealProspect.

If you have any activities or mailing campaigns scheduled, they will be upgraded and will be scheduled exactly as they are in the previous version. 
Is there upgrade pricing available for existing RealProspect customers?

If you ordered the previous version of RealProspect 3.0 on or after May 1, 2009 then you can login to your customer profile and order an upgrade license from there. 
Can I install RealProspect on multiple computers on a network?

Yes. RealProspect can be networked with computers in your office, or over the internet with remote offices. When you order RealProspect you will get an activation key that will allow you to install on 2 computers. 

If you need additional activation keys they can be purchased by logging into your customer account and ordering them from there.

If you want to share your database over the internet you can either setup a sever at your location and enable users to connect to your computer over the internet (you may need to hire a local IT consultant to set that up for you), or you can order our remote database hosting service.

If you do not choose to order the remote data hosting service with your initial purchase, you can add it at anytime by logging into your customer account and ordering it from there.
Can I import mailing lists from list providers like RealQuest?

Yes. RealProspect provides you with an import utility to allow importing prospect records from a .csv (comma separated values) file. Most list providers will give you their lists in a CSV or an Excel file (you can save an Excel file as a CSV). You would then use the RealProspect import utility to import that data into your new prospect database.

Can I import my Microsoft Word formatted letter templates that I already have?

Yes. You can easily open Word formatted documents from within our template editor, or just drag and drop your Word files onto the RealProspect template editor and it will instantly import the contents of the Word file so you can easily insert your placeholders.
Does RealProspect come with letter templates pre-loaded?

We provide you with an example mailing campaign and letter template, but you will have to create your own letters.  However, you can get a complete set of tested and proven letter templates by clicking here.

Does RealProspect integrate with online mail processing services like

Yes, but not directly. There is not a programmable interface to allow us to link up with yet, but you can easily setup your letter or post card templates with them, and then use RealProspect to manage the scheduling for your multi-step mailing campaigns.  Then when a mailing is ready to be printed you just export the records for that mailing and upload it to 

The RealProspect campaign and prospect management process works the same, the only difference is that you upload your list to to have your letters printed instead of on your own printer.

How many records can the RealProspect database hold?

The RealProspect database is limited in physical size of 4GB, not limited by the number of records.  You can have literally hundreds of thousands of records in there with no problem.

Can records be exported out of RealProspect to be used with other programs?

Yes. You can export records from the category manager, from a search result, or from a mailing campaign that is ready to be printed. The data is exported in a CSV file format which is a universally accepted format that most software programs are designed to be able to import from.

Do I need to buy any other software programs to use RealProspect?

NO. You do not need any other software to use RealProspect.  You simply install using our installation program that we provide you and everything you need is setup for you to begin using immediately.

Is RealProspect MAC compatible?

No. RealProspect was programmed to be used on Windows, however Microsoft has developed a solution for Mac users that want to run Windows programs. Virtual PC for Mac, or a program called Parallels will allow you to install a virtual version of Windows XP on your Mac, so you can install run Windows programs.

Can RealProspect be used to collect leads submitted on a website?

Yes. If you are using a website solution that can send you the form submissions in a CSV file format, then you can easily import those records into your database. If you are using our RealWebsite software then you can download form submissions directly from your website right from within RealProspect.

Is there technical support if anything goes wrong?

Absolutely! Technical support is FREE via email and our support knowledge base. If you have a question or issue you can check our ever expanding support knowledge base that will be available from your user profile when you login, and if you need additional assistance you can email us and we will respond within 24 hours (usually same business day).

Will RealProspect be adding any new features in the future?

Definitely! We will be listening to your feedback, comments and input and adding it to RealProspect as time goes by to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and maximize the benefits of owning our software.